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"From early on I grew up with a passion and love for painting and sculpting. The passion developed with the teachings of my grandfather who himself was an accomplished artist. One can say this intrinsic need to create has always been with me…however as sometimes happens in life it got buried under different life and career choices. It took me a long time to realize I missed something essential in my life to feel fulfilled…it was only by taking up painting and sculpting again in my 40’s that I regained my balance."

Werner portrait

Painting for me is a ‘calling’, it satisfies me on a deeper level…it feels like a meditative state. In front of the canvas I experience a wholeness and oneness with nature, it’s this energy I’m capturing in my work and that I want to share with the viewer.

Over the years I developed my own ‘signature’ combining my passion for both painting and sculpting. I have been constantly exploring new ways to create oil paintings that invite the viewer to use a broad pallet of senses. Infusing the medium of oil paint with organic and recycled materials, creating texture and three-dimensional effects, dragging the viewer in the center of the ‘experience’.

Since 2016 we are spending more time together as a family in the lovely Algarve region and it’s the presence of the Ocean that inspired me to create the ‘Ocean Art for Ocean Living’ series; the incessantly changing scenery and the magic light in the Algarve being an endless source of inspiration. In my work I try to capture the calming and soothing impact the sea can have on all of us; creating an awareness of the vastness of nature and humility for our own ‘being’.

I think that we all experience these moments of reflection and discovery when we are drawn by the vastness of nature, just staring into the vast endless ocean, allowing ourselves to be open for whatever emerges…It is my deepest wish my paintings can connect with the viewer creating a doorway right into nature and allowing time and space to reflect….

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